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Saving and Reusing Sections (My Designs)

Design sections you know you will want to use again and save them to your library. This prevents the need to start from scratch and helps you maximize your time. Reuse the saved design wherever needed, whether it's on another page or a different Editor X site you're working on.

Saving a Design

You can save any section you've created. Add all the elements you need, arrange their layout and customize the design. When ready, right-click the section and save it under a name you can easily recognize. 

To save a design:

  1. Right-click the section that you wish to save.

  2. Click Save to My Designs.

  3. Enter a name for your design.

  4. Click Save.

Note:It is not possible to save Master sections. Additionally, if your section contains any of the following elements, you cannot save it to My Designs:

  • Wix Apps (e.g., Wix Stores)

  • Third-party apps (e.g., Instagram Feed)

  • Forms

  • Pro Gallery

  • Lightbox

  • Hamburger menu

Reusing a Saved Design

Access and reuse your saved sections from the My Designs panel. You can apply them to different pages on your site or any other Editor X site you're working on. 

To reuse a design:

  1. Click Add on the top of the Editor. 

  2. Click My Designs.

  3. Add the design to your site by clicking it or dragging it to the relevant location on your page.

Managing Saved Designs

From the My Designs panel, you can easily manage your saved designs. Give them a different name or delete designs you no longer need. 

To manage your designs:

  1. Click Add on the top of the Editor. .

  2. Click My Designs.

  3. Click the Show More icon next to the relevant design.

  4. Manage your design by doing the following:

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