Integrated Marketing

A series of parallel and simultaneous activations to impact the buying journey of your target audience.


Attract-Convert-Close-Delight strategy - Hubspot. Effort and consistency are what it takes for a single product or service to be bought by a customer. We need to assist a customer in his buying journey – from educating him, to making him consider buying, to actual buying and to making him an organic ambassador of your brand who will promote it to his network. All of these are possible, only if a strategic integrated marketing plan is in place.


Impression is perception. Packaging is everything!


From your brand identity – logos, colors fonts, taglines, emblems and mascots, we help make you look good in the eyes of your customers. Branding is all about making impressions. It reflects your company’s values and aspirations. It makes you distinguishable from your competition. It resonates your audience’s beliefs, wants and needs. It is a continuous process of showcasing who your company is at the very core. That is why successful companies have and are still investing in perfecting their own branding, because by branding itself, your products and services could already sell.

Press Release 

Your brand image – we create, we maintain and at times we defend.


We help your brand cultivate a positive public reputation through various paid and organic communication channels. With our network of different media, personalities, influencers, groups and even other brands, you can be assured that you brand gets not only extra mileage but also good representation. After all, you would only want to be associated with good company, right?

Content Creation

To sell, you must have a story to tell.


We do not aim to create viral memes. We do not believe in merely ramping up social media followership. We aim for brand sustainability that fosters brand engagement and loyalty. Everyone can create their own social media posts – photos, videos, gifs. But the question is, what is the strategy? What is the unifying story? What message do you want your audience to take away from it? What insights do you get from social media that would help your brand improve? If you are not sure about the answers, it’s high time we discuss matters.

Create long-lasting


The foundation of successful branding depends on having a well-formed brand identity: the distinct voice and visual appearance of a particular brand used to communicate its mission with the rest of the world.

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