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Mutant Media Group has evolved from a design and marketing department of ATEX International Exhibitions, an international exhibitions & events company and one of the leading organisers of exhibitions, conferences and events in the Middle East & North Africa, into a separate group for marketing strategies and digital solutions.

Mutant Media Group offers developing smart solutions, brand development and marketing strategies to help businesses grow. We understands what our clients require and provide measurable results through a variety of solutions from brand development, website development, lead generation, to comprehensive digital and social media marketing campaigns.

We are also the official Wix Partner in the Middle East for marketing and web development.

The team is composed of highly-skilled professionals who can translate an idea into beautiful visuals,  create comprehensive marketing campaigns, and launch your brand into the digital world!


Mutant Media Group

We are professional, experienced and forward thinking, and our great strength is decoding our client’s needs into effective solutions. We live in the digital gamut and we will support you round the clock to address your needs.

Market Research

We conduct market research for brands by careful observation, data gathering and interviews to understand the market better as well as define the business opportunities for you.


We pride ourselves in creating pixel perfect designs for any concept that our clients require, whether it may be marketing artworks, websites, social media creative or branding campaigns.


The success in our strategy boils down to the ability to simply understand our customer’s needs, the competition, the products and services. Understanding the challenge at hand and asking the right questions allows us to pave the path to a perfect game plan.


We continuously help brands reach their target audiences through comprehensive marketing campaign such as email, events and exhibitions, social and digital marketing, sponsorship and branding opportunities.

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So Much Butter! Baking your day eCommerce

HerOrb eCommerce + KNET Payment Integration


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"To help our clients in succeeding in the ever competitive industry by developing their brand using innovative marketing and technical solutions that offers unparalleled business opportunities"

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